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"Music and Brain"

« Music & Brain » show is a visual and auditive trip, logical and poetic, strict and fanciful that takes place inside our brain.

Music and Psychology link into a passionate duet  where  the desire of understanding is shared with the emotions and how the brain works during music activity.

Poetry, Drama, Visual Arts, goes along with scientific speech, answering questions in its own way and raising up new questions that science try to answer.



 Humoristic Conference Presentation!





Co-Founder / Synesthetic Emotions

« Music and Brain addresses all audiences: from children to elderly people, passing through specialists and non specialists to whom we propose a beautiful insight of the neuroscience world. We adapt our show to the public that needs it.»




Planner / FSC 2013

« I met Alicia during the organisation of  the Sciences Cognitives forum in 2013 in Paris. We planned her show at early afternoon, parallel to a conference in another amphitheatre.
We had the surprise of seeing about twenty people coming, specifically to watch her show: people wonder about science and also need an accessible speech. It is precisely what she proposes through her association Émotions Synesthètes. »




Responsable of Pivot Culturel de Noisy / ATD Quart Monde

« In  the show proposed by Émotions Synesthètes at Pivot Culturel d’ATD Quart Monde de Noisy-le-Grand, children and adults enjoy themselves by learning with music. Alicia on violoncello and vocals and Thomas on vibraphone ; together they manage to make us travel with simplicity through our emotions.

The targeted audience during this show was children aged 6-12 years old from Noisy le Grand’s neighbourhood, location where ATD Quart Monde is very engaged. Everyone smiled!!! And all  the way home, children were singing « lorsqu’on écoute une musique joyeuse, c’est le complexe amygdalien gauche qui s’active! » (song in french which means, when we listen to a happy melody it’s the left amygdalian complex that comes to life! )

A bit tough for adults ears… We still remember…! Absolutely immersed into neuroscience! »



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  • 6 decembre 2016: a live show in school of music of Pavillons sous bois ! 🙂


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Co-Fondatrice / Synesthetic Emotions

« We better keep a text which we sign rather than speak, because the multiplicity of sensorial supports favorises the learning. »


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